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Saturday, August 25, 2012

BOCORRR..!!! Minit Mesyuarat Perancangan Strategik PKR Pulau Pinang – Siri 1

"Die (guan eng) very arogant i tell u..corky and arrogant. Its not easy."
Minit Mesyuarat Perancangan Strategik PKR Pulau Pinang – Siri 1

PKR (PP) Strategic Meeting On Preparations for PRU13

ATTENDEES:-Dr Mansor Othman – PKR Vice President, PKR State Liaison Committee Chairman and Penang Deputy Chief Minister Felix Ooi – MPPP Councilor and Timb Ketua Bhgn PKR Bkt Bendera Tan Seng Keat – MPPP Councillor and Timb Ketua Bhg Bayan Baru Raymond Ong – Bekas calon DUN Batu Uban Jason Ong – Adun Kebun Bunga n Ketua Bhgn Bkt Bendera Ng Cheng Siang- MPPP Councillor and Ketua Pemuda Bhgn Tanjung Cheah Peng Guan – Ketua Caw Batu Uban Law Choo Kiang- State eco and Timb Ketua Phubungan Negeri And John Ooi (the operative)


Mansor said – Penang scenario quite different with DAP’s drive now (DAP adalah dictator dalam pentadbiran negeri PP) The incumbent chinese would stay (for PKR In the next PRU) Lau will be there Hock Leong (ADUN Machang Bubuk) would be changed (he would be replaced in next PRU)

All incumbents except hock leong, i think u people have to convince him (convince hock leong not to stab in next PRU)

We have to put a young candidate (to replace hock leong)..bukan we dont like him as he has done a good job You as a group (attendees at this meeting) have to think..must prepare names and leave to pusat to decide To put young candidate..

You orang ada opinion..i will listen

Mansor said : On seats and candidacy..i leave it to pusat Thats why i said 5+ 1 (five state seats and 1 parliament to be contested by PKR) We are considering hj razali to replace him there I look at the winning factor..maybe we have to look chinese who have more chance than malay in pantai jerejak (to win pantai jerejak)..decision is still pusat lah…

I have talked to felix and ready to stand there (Pantai jerejak) but up to pusat Whatever pusat finalised we will support

Question: Datuk what about DAP..die orang ada mintak dr kita ka?

Mansor replied : “I will not budge in..die mintak apapun. Because chinese candidate to them is ancaman la.. Orang kita yang entice to go there…(DAP sees PKR Chinese candidates as threat as they (PKR) can win. DAP despite being part of PR wants to kill off PKR in next PRU and control power in Penang by themselve)

Statement: But i think this time there will no fight (for seats between dap and pkr) and remain status quo

To this Mansor replied: “Tak tentu.. belom finalised. Die (guan eng) very arogant i tell u..corky and arrogant. Its not easy.

Now more arogant. Because die (guan eng) menang banyak.

They (DAP) are sure of winning 19 and they want more. Because by two more they can form their own govt and they can any tw from us (PKR) to be on their side and abandon us (PKR).” - Sumber

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