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Saturday, August 25, 2012

BOCORRR LAGI..!!! Minit Mesyuarat Strategik PKR Pulau Pinang – Siri 2

Die (guan eng) very arogant i tell u..corky and arrogant. Its not easy.
Minit Mesyuarat Strategik PKR Pulau Pinang – Siri 2

Question:What if they threaten a 3-corner fight if we dont bow to their their (dap) demand?

Mansor replied “ “We will fight ..thats y i asked to preapare another list..like sg pinang, jawi…

I have asked Lau to prepare..kite tak mau bising but we have to get ready for possibility.”

"Must have names in potential seats..seri delima…sg pinang…you must prepare a number of extra candidates.not only 5…this election you must hv at least 10 chinese candidates..

Politics is the art of possibilities..macam2..but we hope not to believe in all our members Prepare some extra names….get more young people..

Mansor : Machang bubok ada resentlment..(problem) he (incumbent) might not get it..

Question:Resistant from where?

Mansor replied: Dalam kawasan pun ada,,,Die (hock leong) pun ada history sikit tak brapa (turn kawasan)…kita tak mau kata..i sayang la die..we were together.. i was chairman and he was timbalan…u kene cakap hock leong..nanti i tak mau die bertanding bebas..

Mansor : Pusat might throw in kai loon (for machang bubok)…he is from penang what.. Others in meeting objected..

Mansor said : He is from Bukit Mertajam you know..permatang pauh..

Question:What is our strategy in getting more seat from DAP in future?

Mansor: Where? In Penang? We prepare ghost area lah..get prepared.. die orang lawan satu u orang lawan la..Statement:The watihah will be issue if there is 3-corner fight..

Mansor:We hope not happen..kita pun tau dap tak strong..Guan eng macam tokong u know..to the chinese…U cannot deny that..he is just like a tokong…

Itu yg buat die org sombng,,,very2 angkuh and arrogant..

Get ourselves stronger..Every seat kita target nak bertanding..kene ada orang

Stock ready candidates for areas nak bertandingI have already asked Lau to identify areas for pkr to stand

Die lawan kacau tampat kita, kite kene lawan. - Sumber

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